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Turbine Center

The Dallas Airmotive Difference

Our Brazil RTC Offers Comprehensive Capabilities to Support Your Aircraft, Including:


  • HSI
  • Bleed Valve Repair
  • Power Section Repair, Over-torque, Lightning Strike, Sudden Stoppage
  • Fuel Nozzle Exchange Kits, Same-Day Flow Check


  • HSI & Fan


  • Line Maintenance


  • Line Maintenance


  • MPI
  • New, Serviceable & Exchange Parts
  • MSP Authorized


  • Field Support & Minor Repair

Meet the Expert

Wellington Amorim, Brazil RTC Manager

With over 20 years in Aircraft maintenance and certified Brazilian Anac  plus FAA Airworthness Safety Inspector, he knows the ins-and-outs of his craft.

Learn more about Wellington and why we're proud to call him a Dallas Airmotive Engine Expert!

Why do you enjoy being a part of the team?

Dallas Airmotive is a renowned company recognized by customers in Brazil. I joined the business to take on the challenge of developing business in South America.

In your mind, what sets GES apart from other industry organizations?

The focus in customer services and solutions sets GES apart. Also, the employees are very focused on overcoming barriers and finding the best solution for aircraft operators.

What sparked your interest in the aviation industry?

Since my first graduation as technician, I have dedicated all my knowledge increasement to aviation. It has been my true passion since I was a kid.

What specific knowledge or tips would you give our customers as it pertains to engine maintenance?

Specifically, for Latin America customers: Do not think only in the short-term cost reduction. Think in the engine life time, quality and safety. Follow the shop who really is in accordance with O.E. M quality as us (GES)

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