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Turbine Center

The Dallas Airmotive Difference

Our Pittsburgh RTC Offers Comprehensive Capabilities to Support Your Aircraft, Including:


  • HSI
  • Bleed Valve Repair
  • Power Section Repair, Over-torque, Lightning Strike, Sudden Stoppage
  • Fuel Nozzle Exchange Kits, Same-Day Flow Check


  • HSI & Fan


  • MPI
  • Line Maintenance


  • HSI
  • Line Maintenance

Meet the Expert

Scott Jett, Pittsburgh RTC Manager

As an A&P licensed mechanic with over 20 years of engine maintenance experience, Scott has the technical knowledge to provide comprehensive support.

Learn more about Scott and why we're proud to call him a Dallas Airmotive Engine Expert!


In your mind, what sets Dallas Airmotive apart from other industry organizations?

The support that we give our customers is second to none in the industry. All of us are focused on providing the best customer service possible, which definitely sets us apart.

What sparked your interest in the aviation industry?

I was passionate about mechanic work from a young age. At 10 years old, I was working on cars. From there I just figured that aircraft maintenance would be a very challenging and rewarding next step. Now I've been in the industry for 25 years and I continue to grow and learn every day.

What specific knowledge or tips would you give our customers as it pertains to engine maintenance?

What is key to engine maintenance is taking preventive measures seriously. One tip I have is to perform compressor washes to help prevent corrosion. This could save your engine from a more costly repair.

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