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West Palm Beach

Turbine Center

The Dallas Airmotive Difference

Our West Palm Beach RTC Offers Comprehensive Capabilities to Support Your Aircraft, Including:


  • HSI
  • Bleed Valve Repair
  • Power Section Repair, Over-torque, Lightning Strike, Sudden Stoppage


  • HSI & Fan


  • HSI


  • MPI
  • Component & Accessory Repair
  • New, Serviceable & Exchange Parts
  • MSP Authorized


  • Line Maintenance
  • ESP–Approved


  • Line Maintenance
  • ESP–Approved

Meet the Expert

Jason Chambers, West Palm Beach RTC Manager

With 27+ years' experience as an Airframe & Powerplant Technician, he knows
the ins and outs of his craft.
Learn more about Jason and why we're proud to call him a Dallas Airmotive Engine Expert!

Why Did You Join Dallas Airmotive?

I was drawn to this company by the culture and the people. I knew I wanted to be part of  a team that was customer focused, and Dallas Airmotive provides a personalized customer experience during every engine event.

In your mind, what sets Global Engine Services apart from other industry organizations?

The people in this company are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about aviation - from the techs on the floor to the top management.

What specific knowledge or tips would you give customers as it pertains to engine maintenance?

I would tell a customer that if they want to work with a service company that is customer focused and gives the best aftermarket support in the world, Dallas Airmotive is that company.

From your experience, what helps you assist customers more efficiently?

I want to know where my customers are located so I can provide local support in the best way possible! Customer experience is my main focus, so having a personal relationship with my customers is very important. 

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